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Chill out!

Summer in Lebanon, Tennessee can be brutal. Unless you enjoy frying eggs out on the driveway, keeping your cool is everything. When you find yourself without air conditioning, you can always count on Pfaff Air to make you feel comfortable again.

Urgent? Give us a call at 615-969-0851.

Otherwise, you can schedule an appointment here.


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Cooling services

Pfaff Air offers several air conditioning services to keep your HVAC going strong when you need it most. 

24/7 emergency services

HVAC issues in the summer can't wait. We're here around the clock to help when you need us most. No matter what's going on, give us a call and we'll be right over.

Cooling system repairs

If your air conditioner is making weird noises, smells funny, or just randomly gave up on life, give us a call. We'll get your air conditioner back up and running in no time.

Cooling system installations

Pfaff Air is an authorized Goodman dealer. All installations are backed by a 10-year warranty! Installations through Pfaff Air are quick, easy, and painless. In no time, you'll be enjoying all of the comforts and savings of a brand new cooling system that fits all of your needs. 

Cooling system maintenance

Air conditioners are a lot like cars. They need regular maintenance and love or they'll start throwing expensive temper tantrums. Pfaff Air offers a maintenance plan that will keep your entire HVAC system running strong for years to come. Click here to learn more.

Common warning signs to keep an eye out for

Abnormally high energy bills

Weird noises while the heater is on

Strange odors while the heater is on 

Heater constantly cycling on and off or doesn't turn on

Liquid pooling around heating unit

Some rooms in your house aren't being cooled properly

Curious about
anything else?

We're always here to help!

Pfaff Air has been keeping residents of Lebanon, Tennessee nice and cool for over a decade now. We take our time with every job, and what we care about most is your comfort. It's that simple. What can you expect from us? Quality and peace of mind. Let's get you and your home feeling better!

With Pfaff Air, even the hottest days will be no problem for your HVAC system. That's our promise to you.

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