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Indoor Air


Feel clean.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a measurement of how clean the air in your home is. You would be surprised by all of the indoor pollutants circulating throughout your home (allergens, mold, bacteria, and more). Pfaff Air offers several indoor air quality solutions to residents of Lebanon, Tennessee, and surrounding areas. Everyone wants a healthy home, right?
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Dirty air makes a dirty home...

No offense, of course...

While maintaining indoor air quality can be as simple as changing a filter, many people still have indoor air pollutants like mold, bacteria, etc. floating around. Overlooking these pollutants can cause various health issues for you and your family. Poor indoor air quality can often cause cold/allergy symptoms that can be easily mistaken for something else. We want to help you fix the problem now. 

These are some common signs to look out for:

Persistent allergy and/or asthma issues at home

Symptoms of irritation (red eyes, sore throat, runny nose, skin rash, etc.)

Persistent headaches, nausea, and/or fatigue

Strange odors

Dry air or overly humid air

Sinus pressure and/or congestion


If you notice that these symptoms become less severe after leaving your home, it's very likely that you're experiencing effects of poor indoor air quality.

Think of it as a detox for your home.

So fresh. So clean.

Pfaff Air offers a variety of indoor air quality services that will almost instantly make the air circulating through your home feel cleaner and healthier:

Carbon monoxide detectors alert you when carbon monoxide levels in your home are reaching dangerous levels

Air purifiers trap most of the allergens and other irritants in the air.

Humidifiers prevent your home from being too dry which can lead to breathing problems and throat/nose irritation.

Dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from your home which could lead to mold and mildew.

UV lights destroy bacteria on the spot

Ventilators constantly refresh your home with fresh air from outside.

Make the first step

to a healthier home!

Pfaff Air has been serving the residents of Wilson County for over a decade now. We take our time with every job, and what we care about most is your comfort. It's that simple. What can you expect from us? Quality and peace of mind. Let's get you and your home feeling better!

With Pfaff Air, your indoor air quality will be healthier than ever. That's our promise to you.

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