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Ductless air conditioners are a new way to bring heating and cooling to your Lebanon, Tennessee home. Ductless HVAC systems heat and cool small spaces without all that ductwork and wiring that a regular central air conditioner needs.
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Feel freedom.


It's an entire HVAC system fit for smaller spaces.

They ain't called mini-splits for nothin'!

Ductless air conditioning units are capable of heating and cooling separate rooms efficiently and effectively. They don't require invasive air ducts to be installed, so they're perfect for any new construction. Because mini-split air conditioners don't use air ducts, you'll see a ton of new benefits like:

Avoiding air loss

(hot or cold air that escapes from duct work)

Cleaner air 

(air ducts can be full of dust, mold, debris, and sometimes animals... yes, you read that right)

Healthier air 

(mini-split HVAC systems can be outfitted with UV lighting to sanitize the air you breathe)

Custom heating and cooling throughout the house 

(just because someone likes their room to be a cold doesn't mean the whole house has to suffer)

Easy to install 
(just two parts and a line to connect them)

Silent operation 

(mini-split systems require minimal energy to work and do not push air through noisy ducts)

Lower energy bills 

(you can save up to 30% on your monthly heating and cooling costs)

Cleaning the Filters

Installing a mini-split HVAC system is as easy as one, two, three.

We actually mean that.

We can have a brand new mini-split system in your home in an as little as a few hours.

Let's talk maintenance.

Even the most efficient HVAC units need regular preventive maintenance.

Staying on top of maintenance for your new ductless air conditioner will ensure that it has a long, efficient life. Ignoring maintenance may result in costly repairs or a shorter lifespan. You should schedule at least one annual tune up to keep your Lebanon, Tennessee HVAC system feeling like new.

Remember, all installations through Pfaff Air come with one free year of our maintenance program Pfaff Care.
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Is ductless right for you?

Pfaff Air has been serving the residents of Wilson County for over a decade now. We take our time with every job, and what we care about most is your comfort. It's that simple. What can you expect from us? Quality and peace of mind. Let's get you and your home feeling better!

With Pfaff Air, your switch to ductless air conditioning will be as seamless as possible. That's our promise to you.

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