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Feel cozy.

Name one thing more unpredictable than winter in Lebanon, Tennessee. It may not be below freezing all the time, but you still need a durable heating system that'll keep you and your family warm when those surprise snow days/occasional blizzards start coming in.
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Heating services

Pfaff Air offers several heating and furnace services to keep your HVAC system going strong when you need it most.  

24/7 emergency services
When your heating unit starts malfunctioning, getting help just can't wait. We're here around the clock to help. Don't just deal with it... Give us a call!

Heating system repairs
If your heating system makes weird noises, smells funny, or just decided to stop working, give us a call. We'll get your furnace or heat pump running ahain. Remember, Pfaff Air isn't here to sell new installations or anything. We're here to make your home feel like home again. 

Heating system installations
Pfaff Air is an authorized Goodman dealer. That means you'll be enjoying all of the comforts and savings of a brand new heating system in no time. On that note, all installations also come with a 10-year parts warranty! 

Heating system maintenance
The best time to fix a problem is before it happens. Preventive maintenance helps you avoid expensive repairs AND extend the life of your HVAC unit. You'll also lower your electricity bill and greatly increase the air quality in your home.

Pfaff Air offers a maintenance agreement that will keep your entire HVAC system in check year-round for just one low annual fee. All installations automatically come with one year of service from Pfaff Air. Learn more about maintenance plans here.

Common warning signs to keep an eye out for

Abnormally high energy bills

Weird noises while the heater is on

Strange odors while the heater is on 

Heater constantly cycling on and off or doesn't turn on

Liquid pooling around heating unit

Your home feels cold

Your home feels too hot

Some rooms in your house aren't being heated properly

Curious about

anything else?

We're always here to help!

Pfaff Air has been keeping residents of Wilson County warm and cozy for over a decade now. We take our time with every job, and what we care about most is your comfort. It's that simple. What can you expect from us? Quality and peace of mind. Let's get your home feeling cozy again!

With Pfaff Air on your side, you can be prepared for anything this winter might have to offer. That's our promise to you.

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