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5 things you can do to improve your indoor air quality right now

Your house is dirtier than you think it is. Indoor air quality (IAQ) focuses on air quality in your home and how it impacts the health and comfort of your loved ones. Millions of indoor air pollutants like bacteria, dust, and more live in your house rent-free and can cause some pretty serious health issues if overlooked for too long.

So… what can you do to ensure the health and comfort of your Lebanon, Tennessee home? Here are 5 quick things you can do to immediately improve your indoor air quality.

1. Check your air filter

Air filters keep large indoor pollutants like dust, pet hair, debris, etc. from circulating throughout your house. The dirtier an air filter becomes, the less effective it becomes. At a certain point, your HVAC system will start pushing those pollutants through your ductwork and into your air.


2. Check your other filters

The air conditioning filter isn’t the only filter you should keep an eye on. Your vacuum, clothes dryer, and kitchen vents should also be cleaned every few months to keep your appliances running smoothly and your air quality healthier.


3. Get your deep clean on

Sweep and vacuum: A majority of indoor air pollutants are on the ground. Take some time to vacuum your carpets and sweep the floors of larger pollutants like dog hair, dirt, and dust.

Mop the floors: Sweeping and vacuuming will do a lot, but mopping is the best way to trap any dirt and dust that was left behind. Just so you know - microfiber mops will capture more dirt than other traditional mops/fibers.

Vacuum the furniture: Pillows and cushions harbor more dust, skin cells, bacteria, etc. than you can ever imagine. Taking the time to vacuum dirt, hair, etc. out of your furniture even once every other week will drastically improve your indoor air quality.

Nip it at the bud: Place doormats next to any exterior doors to trap debris from dirty shoes. Also – no shoes in the house!


4. Use fragrance-free cleaners:

Lemon and pine-scented cleaners may smell clean, but they can emit toxic chemicals into the air that could harm your health. What can you do?

1. Use fragrance-free or naturally-scented cleaning products

2. Open the window when using fragranced cleaning products. The fresh outdoor air will keep toxic pollutants from building up.

3. Add some greenery to your room: Ivy, ferns, spider plants, etc. can actually work as natural air purifiers by absorbing chemical pollutants found in many household cleaning products.


5. Keep the air moving

Increasing ventilation is a great way to remove indoor pollutants. Open a window or use a few fans to bring up your IAQ. Also, be sure to keep doors open to reduce trapped air flowing from room to room.


While these tactics will dramatically improve your indoor air quality almost instantly, there’s a lot more you can do to freshen up your home! Pfaff Air has all the tools you need to make your indoor air quality as healthy as it can be. Whether its UV lighting to sanitize your air ducts, humidity control, air purifiers, or air quality monitors, Pfaff Air does it all. Click here to learn more about our Indoor Air Quality services.

Give us a call today and see how we can keep your air clean!


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