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Save a little money this summer...

98-degree highs and 1000% humidity (yes, 4 zeros). Summer is here in Tennessee, and we know more than anyone else that keeping your cool can feel... expensive. Don't forget - it's a cicada summer - you might be spending a little more time indoors!

Here are 5 tips to save a little money without sacrificing comfort.

1. Seal windows and doors

Cool air is expensive - don’t let it get out! You could be losing cold air conditioning through windows and doors. Finding out where the air is escaping is easy. Go outside and feel around doors and windows. If you feel cool air, you’ve found your problem! Make sure your doors and windows are completely shut and apply caulk to seal the edges. A simple fix for big savings.

2. Try to not add more heat to your home

Your air conditioner is working hard to get rid of the heat in your home. When you use your oven, dishwasher, dryer, etc., your air conditioner has to fight that heat, too. Instead, try washing dishes by hand, letting clothes dry by hanging, or cooking outside. Every bit counts!

3. Use fans and shades

A little old school, but fans and shades can reduce your air conditioning bill dramatically. Fans will help circulate cool air coming from your air conditioner making it work more efficiently. Shades can block out excess heat coming in from the sun.

4. Thermostat placement

You have a little less control over where your thermostat sits, but it does determine how hard your HVAC system works to cool you off. If your thermostat is sitting on an exterior wall or next to a bright spot, it’ll tell the air conditioner that your house is warmer than it actually is.

We don’t want your AC system going into overdrive for no reason. If you need to move your thermostat, give us a call! We can assess your home for the optimal spot for your thermostat.

5. Keep up with maintenance and repairs

Even if you have a top-of-the-line HVAC system, going without maintenance can be a nightmare when our beloved Tennessee summer comes back around. Cleaning/replacing air filters, ensuring the AC unit is free of debris (dirt, leaves, grass, etc.), and proper tuning can make a world of difference for your energy bill. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that your air conditioner will continue performing when you need it most.

Contact us today to schedule a performance check to keep your HVAC system going strong without costing a fortune through the summer. Performance checks start at just $69.99.


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