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How HVAC maintenance can save your wallet

People often compare your HVAC system to a car. But why? Think of it this way:

Person A just a bought a brand-new car. Since it's a new car, they don’t really think about keeping up with the recommended maintenance. There aren’t any major issues for the first few years. However, they begin noticing weird things with the car. Maybe it's a noise coming from the engine or an off smell. No big deal – the car still runs! Eventually the issue gets worse. Suddenly they find themselves stranded due to a breakdown. Now they’re faced with repairs costing thousands of dollars.

Person B buys the same car. However, they take care of the vehicle by following routine maintenance recommendations. They change the oil, rotate the tires, and get everything inspected on a regular basis. Upon one of the regular visits, someone notices a relatively minor issue. That small issue is then taken care of on the spot. Person B keeps up with regular maintenance for the remainder of the lifetime of the car saving them many headaches and many thousands of dollars.

Spoiler alert: the small issue that was taken care of for close to no financial strain for Person B is the same issue that destroyed Person A’s car. Preventative maintenance exists to prevent issues from happening.


Your HVAC system is full of moving parts that need to be regularly inspected and maintained. Preventive maintenance keeps you from having any forms of HVAC hiccups. It keeps your HVAC system in tip top shape. You don’t have to worry about small problems becoming major catastrophes. You don’t have to worry about your AC system failing in the middle of summer. You don’t have to worry about the furnace dying in the dead of winter. You don’t have to worry about paying for high cost repairs.

Pfaff Care is our preventive maintenance program that makes taking care of your HVAC system much easier. Starting at just $89 a year, Pfaff Care covers ALL of your HVAC maintenance needs and more! Click here to learn more.

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